The Humorists Magazine is a digital platform for your ideas and stories. We provide you with a perfect stage to show case your creativity in writing about humor, entertainment, social issues and lifestyle. Our goal is to make sure that every rational and responsible voice gets heard in a blend of humor and seriousness. It’s an all in one place to get the maximum of what’s happening around you. Let us share content created by you with the world, spreading love and smiles along with creating mutual understanding and harmony between people belonging to different schools of thought.

Let’s make every rational voice gets heard. You Write, We Publish!

We have been using sarcasm to debate, criticize and highlight the problems of our society. This magazine is based on the same idea, just a bit more diverse. So, folks! Share your inner voices with the world, your untold stories, your unsung songs and let others see the world through your eyes. Write for yourself!

The Humorists Magazine

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