Ahed has been Arrested; and the World has Taken a Vow of Silence

Ahed Tamimi is a 16-year old Palestinian teenager who was recently arrested by Israeli police in charge of assaulting an Israeli soldier and officer. Ahed has been protesting against the injustices of Israeli government for years. Because of her opposition Ahed and her family have suffered a lot.

Just a day before her arrest her cousin was shot in head by a rubber bullet and tear gas was fired at their home. Israeli authorities arrested her mother and cousin as well. Prior to this incident her mother was shot in leg and her parents and brother have been arrested time and again. Israeli police wants to extend her detention and Israel’s education minister went up to saying that she should spend rest of her life in jail with rest of her family.

We all are well aware of state terrorism of Israeli government on Palestinian land. The interesting fact is that we do not see any champions of human rights, feminism, liberals, such as Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Ban ki Moon speak up for Ahed the way they did for Malala. No feminist even in our dear country (shamefully) has spoken once in support of a teenage girl who is trying to protect her family against Israeli brutality.

Our beloved Malala herself who has received various accolades including Nobel prize for peace and has been named as one of the most influential people by Times magazine did not find it suitable to even mention name of a girl who is going through the same ordeal as her.

When Malala was shot by terrorist she was invited to White House by President Obama and Prime Minister of England then issued a petition “I am Malala”. Unfortunately this time we do not see any such campaign.

The only thing I learn from this incident is that when a man with beard who calls himself a terrorist shoots a girl we are supposed to oppose him. But when a man wearing a uniform shoots the same girl and calls himself police we have to close our eyes and do not interfere in matters of State.

It breaks my heart but I have to say it that modern day feminism has failed and it has failed badly. It has been political, biased and has legitimized state terrorism by not raising voice for Ahed.

But why only feminists?

Because I believe that people who claim to support specifically women rights all around the world regardless of race and religion have deliberately ignored a girl who has been accused of something completely absurd. While the western media is busy planning for the next Malala day, hundreds of Ahed are being sentenced for life in Israeli Prison.

Feminism is a cause very dear to me but for me feminists who choose to stay silent over such slaughter of innocent children are hypocrites.

Dear all the flag-bearers of women rights,

Your selective humanitarianism and feminism is hurting the cause of feminism more than a lunatic Islamic Mullah. Ahed does not intend to just benefit herself by empowerment but to stand against an oppressive regime. And that is what makes her a true humanitarian.

Every other Palestinian child









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