Baghi : A Real Showcase of Pakistani Talent

Qandeel Baloch - Baghi


Pakistan has been blessed with many great entertainers over the years; our TV dramas, with all the masala, gossips (but not as much as indian dramas, right, RIGTH?) and acting that made everyone fell in love with the actors, have been ruling over hearts of sub-continent for quite a time. The streets were used to be emptied while everyone gathered around their TV screens to watch their favorite Drama.

This still has not changed, with TV dramas pointing out the very controversial topics and breathtaking performances by the actors. One such series is on air these days, ‘Baghi’. A drama on the life of a very controversial yet a very charming person, Qandeel Baloch, in which Qandeel is being portrayed by the gorgeous Saba Qamar.

Let us see how few main characters of the series are doing.

Saba Qamar:

She proved herself a real ‘Baghi’ when she gave a miss to LSA Awards. The way she transformed herself for this character, we are sure no one would have. Choosing some other actress could have been Flop Outcome. Just five episodes and she is telling everyone why she is prolly the best TV actress of our generation.

Sarmad Khoosat:


Just like Ahsan Khan is not Ahsan Khan without ‘Paa Imtiaz’, for us Sarmad Khoosat is not Sarmad Khoosat without this beast resembling character. His amazing portrayal of this mad character is making us slowly clap for his wonderful acting skills and dedication.

Ali Kazmi:

One of the most underrated actors we have. After ‘Jackson’s Height’, he is portraying this character of ‘Pakistani Mard’ brilliantly. We wish to see him more on our screens.

Nimra Khan

Remember this signature actress of PTV?
She is Nimra Khan the most brilliant yet another underrated actress whom we always see in supporting characters. A true essence of Pakistani culture spilt from her presence. It’s just sad to see why she almost never comes in a lead role.

Simie Raheel and Sabah Faisal:


They are definitely the cherry on the top. They surely showed us how most of the Pakistani mothers become Mother India when it’s about their sons. Whether it is Qandeel’s (Saba Qamar) Saas who is brain washing her son like

“Aukat dikha dey onhu usdi, zyada ser na charain”

Or Qandeel’s mother who is more of ‘Ghairat Mand orat’ than a mother.


We are sure, more the episodes we are gonna watch, more we are going to hook up like a magnet to our screens.
Let’s wait and see what happens to our beloved ‘Fauzia Batool’ in detail.


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