Bring on the Books: 2 Books you need to read IMMEDIATELY!

Hey there, my book buddy! I love how you are a book-worm just like me! How do I know you are a book-worm? Oh well, you wouldn’t have bothered opening this article if you hadn’t been one. The title is not much of a camouflage for the topic of this article now, is it? So I recently read some books, and boy were they nutella-on-bread, cheese-in-pizza, coffee-in-winters kind of awesome! For that very reason I’ll give you a brief description of those books and absolutely recommend them for reading, on urgent basis. The first book I would want you all to read is “The Architect’s Apprentice”by Elif Shafak.

Okay don’t kill me! I know some of her books have been disappointing, specially after Forty rules of Love, when she had set the bar of our expectations so high, she ought not to have disappointed us. But man this is one genuinely great piece of writing. There is mystery enveloped with philosophy and a “Chotu” you will definitely fall in love with. You will be sure to enjoy it. The other book is “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. There are three reasons why I want you to read it.

  1. This is an ultimate mystery/thriller we have all been waiting for since ages and will seriously leave you beyond amazed.There is a movie been made out of this book.
  2. So here’s what you can do. Just when your friends have bought the tickets to its show, you can “accidentally” let slip the plot twist and have fun 😉
  3. Just a reminder of reason one.  :p

In all honesty, these two are the books you will not be disappointed in. They are worth your time and money but above all they are worth you reading them. In case you have any recommendations for me or others or you do not feel the same way about the above mentioned books, feel free to write to me 🙂 Much love and happy reading, The-obsessive-compulsive-reader.

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