Importance of Camel Urine in Islam

Forget about the Cow’s urine, the camel’s urine is the new black. It’s not that much new, it has been used by people in past for different medicine purposes. There was the tradition when people used to treat different type of diseases with camel’s urine and still many people have used it as a cheap source of medicine in South Africa.

The saheeh hadeeth, in which Holy Prophet PBUH said that some people came to Madeenah from a different tribe and fell sick. The Prophet PBUH told them to drink the milk and urine of camels, and they recovered and grew fat. Narrated by al-Bukhaari (2855) and Muslim (1671).

The author of al-Qanoon (the Canon) – i.e. the doctor Ibn Seena (Avicenna) – said:

“The most beneficial of urine is the urine of Bedouin camels which are called najeeb.”  Zaad al-Ma’aad (4/47, 48)

Many Muslims believe that drinking camels urine and milk have health benefits. Do you believe it?


Benefits of Camel’s Urine:

Remedy for Skin disease:

Camel’s urine is efficacious in treating many skin diseases including ringworm, tinea and abscesses.

Hair treatment:

The secondary treatment of drinking camel’s urine is that it makes your hair lustrous, thick and removes dandruff.


The camel’s urine can treat advance stage of hepatitis which modern medicine is unable to cure.

.The wonders of camel urine don’t stop just here, it can treat toothache, sores on a body and can be used to wash your eyes.

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