KBW’17 (Kinnaird Business Week) : Why You Need To Attend!

Kinnaird Entrepreneurial Club is hosting the most enlightening yet enthralling event of the year, KBW’17 (Kinnaird Business Week). This event is bound to allure the audience/ participants through its competitions that will provoke their inner strengths and capabilities. Motivational workshops by the well-known successful Entrepreneurs, on the other hand would encourage the young minds to think out of the box and succeed in their forte. Last but not the least, a concert is arranged to mix it all up and give everyone a positive energetic boost.

Kinnaird Business Week (KBW)  is a two day event(16th-17th November) which promises to serve its purpose by giving budding minds a platform to exhibit their talents under the influence of well-profound mentors. It gives an astounding opportunity to both Kcites and students from other prestigious institutions to unveil their talents while swirling through a particular pattern of competitions.

Day-1 [For inter university/college participants]

  • Battle of competitors.
  • The startup challenge
  • Speaker session.


Day-2 [For Kinnaird college students]

  • Meteoric Marketing.
  • Young Entrepreneurs of Kinnaird
  • MAD competition
  • Scavenger Hunt.
  • Workshop by Umair Jaliawala.

Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so to recharge the energies with a doze of felicity and absolute joy KEC-community arranges a concert for the participants to refresh their zeal and make them sway with the music.


Slightly nerve wracking competitions, hospitality, fun and everything nice will have to be secret formula behind the success of Kinnaird Business Week. Kinnaird Entrepreneurial Club tends not to disappoint it’s participants by any means which can be confirmed by the previous KBW-session participants.

Mehwish Haroon the president of Kinnaird Entrepreneurial Club has really high hopes from this Event as she carefully embedded the fragmented tasks to pull off this amazing event. “I believe in taking the leap of faith and conquering fears in order to attain success. So the participants should step forward and take up the challenges without worrying about its consequences “, is what she said when asked, about her expectations from the participants.

The gates of Kinnaird College are once again open for everyone this November to give them a dynamic, fun-filled ride. Team-Kinnaird Business Week’17, promises to bring forth a hustle-free, the most exhilarating event for everyone out there.


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