Man of God or Devil in Disguise?

So I’ll be sharing this story of my friend who is now married, she used to study in a private school which was only for girls and they had this male teacher for all subjects who was also the principal of the school, now it happens that when she was in eighth class, this male teacher used to stare at her and used to touch her cheeks very often but she was too naive and had no idea of the intentions of that man. One day the teacher asked her to get ready and come early the next day because he has to take her pictures and put them up on the school’s board so the next day as told, she went early to school. She found out that she was the only one who came early, the teacher’s eyes lightened up when he saw her, he took her to his big room where there was a table and medals, trophies all around and was fully air conditioned, now she could sense that there’s something fishy going on but she had no way out. Slowly the teacher started coming close to her and while touching her cheek he said,

“beta aj tou aap buht pyari lg ry ho”

and then pulled the strand of her hair behind her ear that’s when her heart started beating faster and she knew that now there’s no door to escape. At that moment, the teacher got a call and he seemed pissed he stood up and left the room. That’s when she took a long breath, then it was time for other students to arrive so they kept coming and she went and sat with them. The teacher came up to her and said that now i’ll tell you when to come for the pictures, I had some work so couldn’t take them today don’t be sad. Now later on that day on her way back to home she kept thinking that why is the teacher only calling me for these pictures, why not the others and she was really nervous, she knew she couldn’t tell this to anyone at home. So she went home and spoke no word to anyone.

Days passed, she went to school the teacher used to stare at her in the eyes but said nothing. Then one day he told her to come early the next day, but she being aware of what happened earlier didn’t appear early on the next day, when she came on time so the teacher seemed very pissed as he knew that she didn’t come early. A few days were left for the class to come to an end, the teacher used to treat her harshly in school used to hit her on hands with the stick for irrelevant reasons because he was frustrated that now the girl is aware of his intentions. The class ended and that was the day when she felt relieved and she asked her parents to change her school for matric.

After two years…

The teacher’s laptop wasn’t working well so he gave his laptop to a guy who was her friend’s brother too, now this guy was going through his laptop, there was a folder named “games” which was hidden inside another folder so he opened it and then you wont imagine what he got to see…there were sex tapes of him and the girls of the school in that room, he kept record of each and every girl and in the video he told them that not to tell anyone that he’ll give them high grades, so for the sake of grades the girls used to willingly have sex, now this guy quickly transferred all these videos in his USB and here comes another twist, this guy found out his ex in one of those videos and he as a revenge showed it to her parents to discredit her then her parents called the police and as a result this guy who was being over smart got arrested and even the pervert teacher.

so my point of sharing this story with you guys is that I think in the small cities such activities are still taking place and the girls there are under pressure because sharing any such incident with their family might bring their education to a stop or somehow they will be blamed for something they didn’t do, they are not secure so no matter where the institute stands, it should be checked plus if there are people here from small cities reading this, to all the parents out there i request you all to give your girls space so that they share what they’re going through and instead of ruining their future, take stand for them because they took courage to let it out to you and for all the girls, if your sixth sense strikes then don’t think twice, immediately inform your elders about it, your silence can lead to you facing major consequences and trust me don’t think what the society will say because there will be people out there who’ll blame you for something you haven’t done but you are responsible for your own security.

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