Meet the Pakistani Bros who Traveled to Thailand for Breakfast!

“Two brown guys travelling the world, meeting people in Desi Style”, says their Instagram bio.

Ramish (left) and Danish (right), two youngsters from Karachi, have set on a quest to travel and explore around the world, and bring you with them.

They started off with Bangkok, Thailand. All the videos can be seen on their YouTube channel, BrosMeetTheWorld. To uncover more about the guys changing YouTube scene in Pakistan, we went ahead and interviewed them. Here’s what the bros had to say:

ME: How would you describe Bros Meet the World? Pangaa kia hai? Is it a vlog channel, a food channel, a travel guide, or guide to desi lifestyle?

BROS: Bros Meet The World is basically a vlog channel about the lives of two guys from Karachi who just want to see the world and make sure their brown behans, bhais and cousins do it with them. In that aspect, it is about looking for new experiences every day. If we are doing it, you gotta see it.

ME: How was the Bangkok experience? Naashta karlia tha phir?

BROS: Bangkok was pretty crazy. Between the malls, the traffic, the taxi walas and the exotic food, the trip was nothing but amazing. Dil he nahi chah raha tha k khatam ho.

M: So we see you guys are back in Karachi. What’s coming up next? Any further plans?

B: We have some crazy vlog ideas lined up for karachi. Since we are not daily vlogers, we can’t just document our lives. With every vlog, our goal is to not only challenge ourselves in terms of the visual aesthetics of the project, but also in terms of the content. We don’t want to be lazy. If we show You something, we want to make sure you remember it. We are also planning our next international trip in October. Visas don’t come easy for us brown folk so let’s see what country we end up in. Bus yar, dua maangna.

M: Youtube scene in Pakistan isn’t good. There is certainly not a lot of inspiration coming from within the boundaries. What do you think inspired you guys? Any favorite Youtubers?

B: Both danish and I (Ramish), have been associated with the content industry for a while. I started back in 2011 with Kachee goliyan comics and I have been producing digital content ever since. Danish is a filmmaker who has also got quite a lot of experience under his hood. We are both inspired by life in general and once we became friends, it was only a matter of time before we did something creatively crazy.

M: One of your videos mentioned that the videos are shot on mobile camera. Is that true? Kese karlete ho yaar?

B: The videos aren’t all shot on a smart phone. We have a range of cameras to shoot from and a smartphone camera is one of them. That one barish video was purely shot on a phone though. We wanted to make a point. Fancy gadgets just help you add layers to your presentation. If you’re committed and your content is good, even a smartphone can be the perfect tool.

M: How’s the response so far? Do you think Pakistani audience is appreciating this new form of communication that vlogs is?

B: Quite honestly, the response has been phenomenal. Our videos started at 5K to 7K views and have started hitting the 50k mark only 10 episodes in. We understand that in the bigger picture, 50k doesn’t mean much. But for a project that just started, we see the potential. Plus when fans stop you on the streets and tell you that your work is great, you know you’re making an impact. Senti krdia yaar.

M: Any advice for people who want to start a youtube channel? Something that you have learned along the journey.

B: This is for pretty much anyone who wants to do anything out there. Keep at it. And if you’re worried it’s not working out, follow us and send a message. We’d figure something out together. Sab sath kaam kreingay tau game on hogi na yaar.


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