Struggles of Having Sunni-Shia Parentage

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DISCLAIMER: This article presents no religious point of views and is not supposed to be taken as a platform for religious discussions. This article has been written all in good humor, comprising of my personal experience and of some of those who could relate to me. By no means does this article intend to hurt , disrespect or refute any religious or social point of views or any other phenomenon.

Here is to hoping you have the awesome ability of taking a joke as a joke 🙂

We live in a country that has longed faced problems such as poverty, illiteracy, religious extremism, Sunni Shia conflict, corruption, patriarchy, Sunni Shia conflict, lack of resources, weak regulatory institutions, Sunni Shia conflict, Child labour, Unemployment, Sunni Shia conflict, terrorism, discrimination(of all types, because we are a people of variety), climate change and of course, how can we not mention, the Sunni Shia conflict! The Sunni Shia conflict keeps coming back for no reason, right? :p

However, this is a discussion not based on the Sunni Shia conflicts. In fact its something slightly beyond that. Here, I will disclose to you some interesting situations, funny questions and weird queries thrown at a child who is the result of a Sunni Shia partnership rather than a conflict.

Yes ladies and gentlemen! If you have a Sunni-shia parentage, I can bet you have had first hand experience of most of the things I am about to say!

  1. “Sushi”

If labeling you a “Sushi” wasn’t the first thing your friends did after getting to know about your parentage, are they even really your friends? They would call you Sushi if they want to joke with you, taunt you, have fun with you, call you separately from a group of people or acknowledge your existence. Talk about creating a fish market! (Pun absolutely intended).

  1. Tum kya ho?”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! My parents ask me this question so often (in a different context of course) I almost forget people are not asking this rhetorically or sarcastically :p   Anyways, so the first question you have a face off with is what are you in terms of shia or sunni. Now what people fail to understand is that, a child of such diversified background is usually performing an act of balance. However, each one of you is entitled to your own answers. No pressure (other than that of the society, the parents, friends, family, schools, universities, profession, united nations etc).

  1. Ama Aba ki love marriage thi?”

Now I have a very standard response to this question, which perfectly answers the person’s question. All I say is :
Meri shakkal dekho. Main love marriage ka result lagti hoon?!”  (Look at me. Do I look like the result of a love marriage?)


Simply love those nervous laughs that suggest they are sorry they agree with me :p                                                           

  1. Namaz kon c parhty ho?”

Sajdey waali. Period

  1. Rozza kabb khollty ho?”

Iftari kay time pey. Because on the basis of technicality, breaking the fast before sunset counts as violating the fast, so yeah, we are, sort of, left with no other option but to break the fast at sunset. Actually Allah doesn’t recognize or accept our alien membership, so we have to comply with the human rules.

  1. Shadi kis sey kro gee?”

My standard response:
“Sawal yeh nai hai main kis sy shadi kroon gee, sawal yeh hai kay mery sy kon shadi krey ga 😛 “
The question isn’t whom would I marry, the question is who the hell would dare marry me!

  1. Ghar main masley(problems) nai hoty?”


Of course there are problems! There are problems with the “kaam wali” not doing her chores responsibly, there are problems of us wasting electricity and dad wasting his energy to conserve that electricity. Then there is this major problem of mom cooking kaddoo and tindey and us not eating them and then having to hear dad’s lecture on how the poor of this world are dying of hunger, hence we should eat those tindey because the underprivileged are dying. (Wait! What?) But no, there is never a serious Shia Sunni conflict at home because if there were any, I bet none of us Sushis would have homes.

These are just few of things that a Sushi gets to hear. There are so many more out there. The thing is, its not as difficult being a Sushi as is generally perceived to be because we are brought up that way. However its not a child’s play either, keeping in view that we have to make sure neither of the parent’s religious sentiments are hurt by any action of ours. Its a life of balance. But then everything is an act of balance in its own way.  Its not ridiculous that people have these questions. Its only normal to be curious. But just remember, too much curiosity has already killed a cat once! :p




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