Thank you Note for Bhola 5000 Dirham

Bholla 5000 dirham

Note: Bholla in Punjabi means innocent.

Yes! That’s right! It’s the 5000 dirham guy we are about to bring under limelight today, the ultimate living example of an obnoxious kind of self over confidence.

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Few months back, the internet was flooded with the video of this healthy (it’s an understatement, I admit), bald man who was filming himself with some gorgeous girls somewhere in Dubai. The reason this guy successfully created hullabaloo on social media was for the fact that he claimed to have sold all his property for 5000 Dirham, to be able to afford that fun. That’s where the famous line “Jaeydadan waichniyaan pendiyaan ney” came from. The guy became an instant internet sensation and now is having a TV show of his own (hopefully PEMRA knows this).

Here’s what I have to say about him.

This guy is an absolute genius! What an outstanding, utterly unbelievable, kind of genius! He should change his name from Bholla to Einstein and we should all change our name to Bholley because we are the innocent, dumb people here. I mean, come on, let’s look at it fairly.
This guy, one day, randomly, gets up, sells his dad’s hard earned property for a mere 5000 dirhams, goes to Dubai, gets a few French or Italian looking girls, films himself having fun and voila!

He is successful than all of you out there, dragging yourself through difficult degrees and hideous professions! Isn’t he a genius and aren’t we all “bholley”?

Who needs an MBBS or a law degree or an MBA or an engineering degree when this guy, right here, in real life, not in a gruesome nightmare, is a detailed guide to everything you ever wanted (fame, limelight, money, contacts and most importantly a TV show!). All of you have to do is have the guts to pull off a cheap publicity stunt!

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In a mere two minutes, this guy throws at you the horribly twisted idea that tells you to go sell your father’s lifetime of achievements, packed with your mother’s dreams, for a couple of Dirhams, film yourself doing the crappiest of all things that exist in this world and BAM!

The world will be calling out to you!

Heres what I have to say to Mr. Not-so-Bholla:
You showed our generation the shortest way to fame and success (although short lived and shameful). You showed us that we are all plain dumb heads trying to get through difficult degrees, shaping our personalities, paving our way to top careers and racing through life. You proved that fame is only 500 dirhams away and that self respect is a loss too meager to be concerned about. You showed us who actually ‘bholla’ here is.  On the behalf of this generation, Mr. Bholla, I deeply, wholeheartedly, honestly thank you. NOT.

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