Things You Should Do This Eid.


Are you one of those so many people who get up, dress up, pray and go back to sleep? Lets not be one of them this time because its not HOT, which automatically makes it dowdy and don’t be just too boring to not follow a trend.

Yes, your comfort is the most important thing, but hey, we have rest of the 363 days of the year where we can put on our pajamas, stay in bed and can watch a series.
While we move on to what’s hot and whats not, To all the beautiful ladies out there reading it, flapping wide Shalwar & kameez are back in trend this Eid. To all the gents reading it. Well, you know your game is already and always on point with the traditional outfit.

Eating your favorite food, especially, Meetha, is hot and counting calories is not.

Going out for a movie, even alone, is hot and staying in front of your Tv, is definitely a NO!

yes you got it right. Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Punjab Nahi Jaungi Gi are releasing this Eid to make your Eid even more exciting.

Saying goodbye to your “no i don’t like to meet people” attitude, and saying Hello to all those annoying relatives that only contact you on your result day or your wedding. Make it a trend to flaunt in your sexy outfits among your relatives.


Grab some food from your neighbours and send them some cake.

All the ladies, don’t forget to apply Mehndi (henna) and wear your favourite bangles. To the brothers, take your sisters out for Mehndi. Its not just yours or your Bakra’s day.

After you finish your prayer, do not rush to get back home. There must be someone standing there who does not have someone to hug or to shake hand with. Be their friend. Be kind, that’s hot.


Having a pizza party\ barbecue in the evening is hot and Sleeping early this eve is in the list of not hot.


Decorate your home. Own your event, blessed by Allah. Make your house feel that today is something special and you are ready to celebrate the happiness. To All those men, who are confused what to give to your ladies this Eid, you can share their burden by cleaning the house, making Tea or cooking a delicious food item for the family.

Last but not the least, do not forget to Give. The true essence of Eid is to share happiness and sorrows. Try helping as many people as you can on this auspicious day.

With all the beautifully crazy trends going on, who decides to stay in bed with their PJs on this time? Do not, cause I am watching you!

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    Things You Should Do This Eid.

      Are you one of those so many people who get up, dress up, pray and go back to sleep? Lets ...
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