What Trends in the Valley of Kalash; The Land of Beauty and “Kafiristan”

Beautiful divas dressed up in identical loose robes supported by adorned belts and head covered with heavy crown like caps. No, this is not the fashion of Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. This narration is about one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, The Kalash valley, that is generally reffered as “kafiristan” (The land of non-believers). They do not just adopt the unity in their lifestyle but also in their culture as well. Can you manage wearing same dress every day with different colors yet not looking boring or monotonous and without giving an impression of a uniform. Its only possible in Kalash. Yes, this is the place where fashion has its own sense and definition.

Beautiful people roaming around with a particular style statement, wearing no make-up yet looking radiant in those classy baggy dresses with heavy caps called “shushut” and a belt or “patti” wrapped around their waists. Who else has the class to look absolutely gorgeous in big slack cloaks but these women?

Braids are never out of fashion in this part of the world because for these kalashi women, this is the ultimate and only hair style statement. Every hair is plaited in long braids both in front and back to support shushut on their heads and they are so much pro in making these braids that even a 5-year-old kid knows how to transform you into a typical kalashi goddess in 2 minutes. How exceptionally distinct they look while wearing the same dresses and having a single fashion trend.

kalash Valley


The reason for them to dress up in a specific way is an effort to make their culture prominent and strong. In a country like ours, where we are slowly slipping into other cultures and fashion, this is the only society that still sticks to the roots of its culture and maintains the beauty that define them and make them unique. While talking to one of the locals, we got to know that religious extremists are trying to convert these people forcefully to islam.To all those people who respect differences and want to taste a completely different tradition still intact in Pakistan, go and visit this place, where we see utmost beauty in harmony and oneness.

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