Twinkle Khana with Dad Jokes, Fired Shots at Mothers-in-law in Her Hilarious Vogue Speech

The famous actor turned writer Twinkle Khana aka Mrs. Funnybones after winning the award for “The Opinion Maker of the Year” at Vogue Women of the Year awards, delivered some hilarious ten points in her acceptance speech.

The speech at one side contains dad jokes while the other end of it possesses the topic of Karva Chauth. Here are few points which we need to know from her Vogue speech;

1. To Indian ladies, stop fasting for your husband’s long lives

“Millions of Indian women fast for their husbands’ long lives every Karva Chauth. My dear friend who just won an award is immortalized in his movies, but I don’t think our 3,033 Gods are really listening. Because on the mortality charts there are 147 countries above us where their men outlive our good old Indian dudes. So, ladies stop because it’s clearly not working.” – Twinkle Khana

2. To live in present, you need to forget about past

“This I had to learn the hard way: It’s difficult to befriend the present if you’re still quarreling with your past.” – Twinkle Khana

It’s accepted fact that you can’t achieve anything great in your present if you can’t stop thinking about ifs and buts of past. Moving on is the ultimate key to fly higher.

3. A shot fired at mothers-in-law

“Devil could not be everywhere so God created mothers-in-law. Having said that, I feel I’m going to be a terrible one.” – Twinkle 

My God! Here she just nailed it because these days the mothers-in-law aren’t less than any devils; totally into ruining the families.

4. Botox makes you look like an alien

“Botox, unfortunately, does not make you look younger, it just makes you look like you’re a part of a secret alien invasion, desperately, desperately trying to fit in with the youth.” – Mrs. Funnybones 

Rofl! This is the funniest one but this is actually the case.

5. Dad jokes

“Our satellite only reached Mars because it was called Mom. I’m certain that if it was called Dad, it would still be circling the Earth, lost, but not willing to ask for directions,” Twinkle Khana further said in her Vogue speech. 

Well, well! Can asking the directions hurt men’s fragile ego?

6. Women can do wonders

“The most important thing I have learned is this—for centuries, women have been looking for a cape and they’ve been handed an apron. And it’s only recently that we’ve learned how to swing our aprons around, let it fly on our backs and take to the skies.” – Mrs. Akshay Kumar 

Oh yes! Women are the real game changers and can do it all. 

However, Mrs. Funnybones with her satire and dark humor never fails to amuse the audience and can steal the show anytime. Her writings are, treat to read and her speeches are, delight to listen.

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