Women are Responsible for Getting Raped. Period.

No woman No rape

It is of extreme sorrow for the people strolling The City of Karachi to see graffiti and posters crying of increased sexual abuse against women. What makes the situation more disdainful is the fact that the beautiful British stones on the walls of red light areas, where there is no non-consensual sex, have been hidden by these posters. Society usually believes that rape is something men do out of sexual desire empowered by a long history of Feudalism and Patriarchy, but certain lapses from the end of women arouse animal instincts in our hard working men, consequently men make sexual advances, and women then cry of RAPE!


The exaggeration of this petty issue has proven to be a source of continuous disadvantage for the tourism department of Pakistan as now a smaller number of people are willing to visit the country. What these ‘Western’ people don’t understand is Pakistani women do dress in a very scandalous way.  The most common dress code for most Pakistani females is Burkha. With exposed women’s legs, thighs, and her collarbones, Burkha is indeed one of the most scandalous dresses out there.  These body parts are extremely sexual, and they invite men to rape women. From a very early age, I’ve constantly been told that I should always buy shapeless clothes and not the skinny, revealing clothes which arouse sexuality in men. As a teenager, I was so careful about how should I behave vigilantly in a social gathering, I never left my drinks/food unattended as there were chances that someone might add something in it and take advantage of my sexuality. So, keeping the fact that certain carelessness’s from  the end of women results in extreme consequences, i.e. Rape, me, being a responsible citizen has decided to come up with a modest proposal, which will guide women to make some minor changes in their lifestyles for the larger benefit of society.


Since we cannot ignore the fact that the victims of Rape are usually women, who, either because of their frail nature or the way they dress get unwarranted sexual advances from males. It is clear that the existence of women gives birth to the rape culture in the society; therefore, it is advisable that whenever a girl is born, she should be killed immediately as there are chances that she might get raped one day. I would suggest killing every woman in the world so that there will be no reproduction of girls. Also, a woman means rape, so no woman means no Rape, right?


While working with an organization aimed to rehabilitate men suffering from sex obsession, most of them confessed that they raped someone because they saw the girl eating with her friends. Obviously, if you think about this in a practical way it holds truth as eating involves the use of lips. While eating foods, i.e. ice cream, sometimes you lick your fingers or just rub your lips with the tongue, which unnecessarily draws attention towards facial features mainly associated with sex, and subsequently arouses sexual desires in males; furthermore leading to rape. Therefore, I would like to suggest to the ladies out there to become socially isolated. Don’t go out, don’t hang out with friends, instead stare at the ceiling of your house. The girls can be less concerned if their company constitutes of male friends, but with females, it’s a big no!


We all know that skinny pants, see-through fabric, and sleeveless shirts all are the international symbols of ‘Please disrespect me’.  Women getting unwarranted sexual advances from males because of the inappropriate dressing have nothing but themselves to blame. Considering the fact that we, women aren’t smart enough to predict the complex yet understandable impact socially unacceptable dressing have on men’s thinking system, I propose the implementation of a nationwide dress-code. To obtain the uttermost social standards the dress should include: A long, loose close-fitting neck Kurta, loose Salwar, scarf and tiptoed shoes. I would advise women to always wear an amour with this dress.  It will have two eminent advantages: first and it will make your dress unattractive, so no men will see you as a lusty being. Second, it will not specify the shape of any body parts.


Obviously, these are not the only factors which give a sex appeal to men, compelling them to do something they never want to do. According to a report published in a magazine called, No Alarm clock! The uncanny, charismatic and jovial nature of women causes some kind of mental and hormonal disorder in the functioning of males. The report surveyed 100 men and most of them held the smile being a major source of drawing attention towards lips, some even claimed that whenever a woman makes an eye contact with them they could feel some unusual sexual feelings in their stomach, therefore in this regard, I would like to suggest women to never smile when a man is around, just keep your expressions straight as if you came from a war you lost and want to kill someone. Also, in order to not make eye contact with a man they should start wearing Medieval Helmet.

If women on any part of this planet and beyond will follow this the chances of them getting raped would get much lower, as no one gets attracted to Medieval Helmet or an Amour. Also, by adopting these small changes we could make our men more comfortable with the social situations. We, of course, want our men to concentrate on other important tasks, if they will give into women’s desires how can they be able to concentrate on the other ‘important’ issues. The implementation of a dress-code will not only keep a man more focused on work, but it will not allow women to seduce men; eventually reducing the occurrences of rape.




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