How to Write a Global UGRAD Personal Statement

Global Ugrad Personal Statement

One of the main components of your application for the Global Ugrad Cultural Exchange Program is The Personal Statement. Like many, this might be the first time you have read the word “personal statement” and it may sound like something so hard to write that you rather prefer to leave the idea of applying for this amazing opportunity and similarly many others in the future. But, believe me there is neither any rocket science involved nor will you need extraordinary English vocabulary to excel in it. All you need is to dedicate time and write appropriate relevant content.

A personal statement is a simple essay where you will get a chance to write why do you actually want to get this scholarship and why the selection committee should consider you as a potential candidate among more than 10 thousand students who will apply for this program. So, you better use this chance smartly and write what they want to hear from you.

What to Write in the Personal Statement?

Generally every scholarship has a certain criteria or guidelines for writing a personal statement which allows you to understand what the selection committee wants. Mostly, they are quite similar and include points like your educational background, future goals, personal interests/hobbies, extracurricular activities, special talents etc..

For Global Ugrad the guidelines given are:

Personal Statement

Use the personal statement to clarify your reasons for wanting to participate in the Undergraduate Exchange Program.  You will want to outline your background and your goals for the future.  The personal statement should be written with the objective of clarifying your interests for the selection and placement committees.  Be clear and concise in your essay.

The personal statement has to be between 200 to 250 words. Provide a clear and detailed description of:

  • Yourself  in terms of interests and personality,
  • Your academic objectives,
  • Your goals in terms of your field of study and personal development,
  • The reasons you wish to pursue them in U.S.A., and the type of program you hope to pursue and how it relates to your interests and future objectives.

As you have gone through these, you might have noticed that these are quite self-explanatory and have given you a very fine idea of what you should write in the personal statement. But the fact is that most of the candidates overlook these guidelines and stuff their statements with unnecessary and non relative information in attempt to make themselves look promising or to just fill the space.

These guidelines are very important to ponder upon and one should read these at least 10 times before starting a personal statement. While reading, you can make an outline of points you are going to write about in your statement. After finishing writing the statement one should re read these and check whether written document appears as per the requirement or not and does it cover all the aspects.

Another important thing to be considered is the word count of the personal statement. As in this one it is clearly mentioned in point 1 that it should be between 200-250 words. You should try your best not to exceed this and most of the online applications do not even accept statements exceeding the word count.

How to Start and Organize the Personal Statement

Even after knowing all these aspects, most of the candidates still stumble upon the idea of how to start and organize your statement. Well, you can simply start with an interesting fact about yourself or a simple one line introduction of what you have been doing, maybe go with your elevator pitch. But remember, the best personal statements get to the point quickly, so, do not try to waste too much time writing a catchy start specially when the limit is 250 words. The most important thing in a statement is why you want to pursue the scholarship and why should they choose you. Get to the point quickly.

As far as organizing a statement is concerned, one of the easiest and simplest of the approaches is to write a paragraph on each of the guideline points and then putting them together. For example your first paragraph can have details about yourself  in terms of interests and personality, second paragraph may have your academic objectives and so on. This, on one hand covers all the points and on other also gives a nice organized look to your personal statement.

Following these points, I hope you will be able to put a nice and decent personal statement for this scholarship. Remember it is not supposed to have complex sentences and GRE vocabulary. It can be very simple yet very decent, to the point and appropriate. Good Luck!


For Introduction to Global Ugrad please visit: Introduction to Global UGRAD

For more thorough understanding please visit: Frequently Asked Questions about UGRAD

– Abdul Rehman

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    How to Write a Global UGRAD Personal Statement

    One of the main components of your application for the Global Ugrad Cultural Exchange Program is The Personal Statement. Like many, ...
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