How to Zaleel an iPhone Lover

We all know what an iPhone is and what it’s capable of but Apple fanboys are those species who will never accept its cons and keep on saying “ iPhone iPhone hai yr”. Here are some of the facts that you can throw at Apple fanboys to make sure that they are in their place where they rightfully deserve.

Price Point

iPhone is no doubt an expensive phone, if we look into the prices right now, a used iPhone 7 256 GB would cost you around 70K, in that price you can get yourself a used Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Sony PlayStation 4 and still have some money left for you.

Expandable Storage

Expandable storage is a term which is unknown to Apple. Apple has been making iPhone for 10 years but still don’t know how valuable SD card is, instead they’ll introduce you to more storage variants with a price difference of about 10K-30K in which you could buy 5 to 15 64 GB SD cards.



Apple would love to keep its iPhone slim, lightweight and at the same time sacrifice battery capacity. You would pretty much see your friend asking for a power bank or a charger every time. No night long packages with a low battery, duh!


Dual Sims

If by any chance you have to keep two numbers at the same time then you surely can’t do that with an iPhone. Most of the android phones are dual sim. You cannot manage two bachis on a single phone. How sad is that Raja G??


You hear a song, you search for it and download it, that’s pretty much you have to do if you’re an android user but if you’re an iPhone user then I have a bad news for you folks. iPhone users are stuck with their iTunes where Android users can pretty much download everything from the internet in any format and play it. How about that iPhone users?

Headphone Jack

iPhone already has so many cons and still they never cease to amaze us. This year iPhone ditched the glorious headphone jack. You can’t say “ pass the aux cable “ with an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in your hand. Like wtf? 


With an iPhone, you can’t share anything with your friends over Bluetooth or WiFi direct. That’s where it gets sucky.

iPhone users know all these facts pretty much but they still feel so proud and keep on saying “iPhone iPhone hai yr”. Now you have some facts that will make them feel some shame, if they are left with any! :p

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    How to Zaleel an iPhone Lover

    We all know what an iPhone is and what it’s capable of but Apple fanboys are those species who will never ...
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